MO:TE/TADM - _Split_
(Uncut, 1998)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (8 out of 10)
This fine split release from Japan's MO:TE and Canada's finest noise artist TADM gives the listener two complete tapes, each one featuring that particular artist's work. MO:TE's tape begins with an interesting wail with a variety of surrealistic audio layerings and channel flipping before breaking into the usual crunchy noise / cosmic sound mix that is the cornerstone of MO:TE's mighty antimusical style. MO:TE even manages to hit Incapacitants level a number of times for "incoherent, unpatterned, harsh noise". Impressive. TADM chooses to kick of his madness very low key before ripping a gigantic hole in the silence. TADM also share the philosophy of placing no restrictions on the chaos one can produce with noise, and, in doing so, creates two mighty tracks which are filled to the brim with stunningly beautiful layers of static, feedback, and at least a half dozen other electronic pissings. With each passing moment, the track seems to scream "Fuck you!" to the plethora of "noise" artists who try to pass off second rate power electronics slop as the latest, darkest, most evil sound around. You want evil? You want destruction? You want to feel like someone just belted you in the testicles with a jackhammer? TADM is your hook-up. This split release is most certainly one intended for the hardcore noise junkie, as anyone less would find this type of release to be uncivilized. Great shit.

Contact: Uncut, 56 Takahisa, Yoshikawa-shi

(article published 13/2/1999)

8/12/1999 G Sanchez 6.5 MO:TE - Stash
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