Dichotic - _Collapse Into Despair_
(Discorporate Music, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
Okay... my ass has been kicked. Holy mother from hell, is this powerful stuff from Eastern Canada (Halifax, Nova Scotia, to be exact). No remorse and no regret is etched in the minds of all those taking part of the musical ways of impressive outfit Dichotic. Slamming down a driving force equal to that of a tornado, Dichotic lash out at the listener with fierce death metal anguish, rallying behind killer riffing and a vocal style that could peel paint off a wall. Are they this good? Yes. Many others I know are praising the ways of this truly talented band and it's definitely worthy of going ape-shit over. The band just totally delivers with thunderous numbers like "Solely on Opposites", "Heed to Instincts" and "Love Stained Splatter". Saviors of metal in Canada? Who knows... but at least they're making their mark. Death metal fans who itch for sheer power and a touch of variety, look no further. Canadian bred, yet death metal led. Stunning record. Others should have their asses kicked by Dichotic. What are you waiting for?

Contact: Discorporate Music / Dichotic, 2476 Robie Street, #8,

(article published 13/2/1999)

1/15/2000 A Bromley 9 Dichotic - Lowest Common Denominator
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