Claymords - _... More Sombre Than Life_
(Independent, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Not sure how to make out the music of this bizarre outfit from Norway. It's a lil' bit country and a lil' bit rock 'n' roll. (I'm joking! That's a Donnie & Marie saying. IGNORE!) Anyway, this trio of musicians really do go out on a limb and bring quite a vast array of ideas and sounds into the fold with this six-song recording. From the darkened ways of black metal onto thrashing / speed metal injections and a varied gothic overtone scattered throughout, Claymords really gets the blood going. You're excited when you hear this. Also, the band's vocal style (very death metal-ish) makes their punch just a tad bit stronger, as songs like "Breathe With Me", "First Convulsion" and "Aftermath" plow over you like a freight train out of control. Variety is the true masterpiece of this outing. A label deal is not far off.

Contact: Nils Ivar Martila, Wiers Jenssens V. 33 b N-5030,

(article published 13/2/1999)

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