Urgehal - _Massive Terrestrial Strike_
(No Colours, 1998)
by: Alvin Wee (8.5 out of 10)
No Colours Records has long since established themselves as purveyors of absolutely obscure material of the highest quality, and the latest cut on their chopping block proves worthy to join the ranks of this truly underground label. Many thanks to Kay from NCR for braving the horrifying postage costs and sending me this jewel. Touted as raw black metal mixed with thrash/speed, _MTS_, Urgehal's second offering with this label, doesn't leave a reviewer very much more to add. Opening festivities in a truly retro vein is "The Sodomizer", instantly bringing black leather jackets and gleaming spikes to this listener's mind. Rather than resolving themselves into yet another Destruction/Kreator rip-off a la Inferno, this terrifying threesome pummel out riffs that manage to be so primitive, yet fiercely original, that it's hard to believe there isn't some diabolic force behind them. Just as I thought truly grim and primitive black metal had left its heyday back in 1993, tracks like "Supreme Evil" and "Flames of Black Candles" bring back to mind the good old days of Darkthrone vinyl without resorting to '80s thrash rip-offs. The fact that they manage to do all this while maintaining a highly respectable technical level (unlike, say, Von) should be more than enough to indicate the quality of this release. Black metal neophytes still suckling their Covenant albums should think thrice about this (or any No Colours release for that matter), but if memories of xeroxed covers and blood-smeared letters still make your blood boil, then don't hesitate to drop a line (and $22) to Kay at the contact address below.

Contact: No Colours Records, Postfach 32, 04541 Borna, Germany

(article published 16/1/1999)

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