Macronympha - _Then and Now_
(Extraction, 1998)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (8.5 out of 10)
I have heard the comparison that Joe Roemer's Macronympha is America's answer to Merzbow. While this may be true in terms of influence on the noise scene and the volume of noise each artist has released, considering some of the more recent attempts at noise by Masami Akita, I would have to say such a remark is nothing short of an insult. Macronympha is once again out to impress new noiseheads and keep old ones begging for more with a furious and unrelenting attack on ones speakers, ear drums, and any fragile objects within a 50 ft. radius of your stereo. Once again featuring Stimbox mastermind Tim Oliveira, this release never makes any attempt to become atmospheric or ambient. It simply is noise and offers nothing more, and certainly nothing less. If one could imagine the sound of three atomic bombs detonating at strategic points with you in the middle while, at the same time, listening to every household appliance you can imagine short-out at once, you may have a slight grasp at the sounds Macronympha produces on this release. While some may choose to argue about the anti-dynamic nature of Macronympha, I cannot help but ignore such squabble as I have found too much of a perverse pleasure in being barreled over with Mr. Roemer's lovely compositions. Once again, another essential release that every noisehead should have sitting in his/her collection and a great (though possibly overwhelming) place for the uninitiated to begin.

Contact: Extraction, PO Box 1213, Quogue, NH 11959

(article published 16/1/1999)

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