Dissecting Table - _Life_
(Release, 1998)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (9 out of 10)
Once again, if there is any one word to describe Ichiro Tsuji and his industrial/ambient/noise/etc. project Dissecting Table, "masterful" would be the one that most quickly comes to mind. This is his second output on the Relapse experimental sub-label Release and once again listeners are treated to four new Dissecting Table tracks, clocking in at just over 45 minutes. Much like his previous output on the label, _Human Breeding_, the production value on this disc is much higher than earlier recordings and therefore allows for a much more dynamic and powerful Dissecting Table to come ripping through one's speaker system. Featured on this disc are all of the Dissecting Table standards: analog drum machine, electronic organs, synthesizers, animal sounds, and some of the most inhuman, deranged and at times hilarious growls and screams, all wonderfully mixed together to give an actual sense of cohesiveness to the chaotic sounds used. While some may choose to complain that Dissecting Table releases tend to run together or sound overly similar, I personally find no reason for such observations to be anything short of compliments. If more so-called industrial or "experimental electronic" acts chose to use even a portion of the chaotic and ingenious formula which Dissecting Table uses so well, the genre itself would be all the better for it. The bottom line is this is purely one of the essential releases of 1998, whether you are a fan of industrial or not. For the noise and experimental fan, there is more than enough in both areas to satisfy even the "hardcores" of the genre. This is easily my pick for the best album of 1998, as it touches on and equally excels in every extreme music genre out there. Highly recommended.

Contact: Relapse/Release, PO Box 251

(article published 16/1/1999)

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