Thy Serpent - _Christcrusher_
(Nuclear Blast, 1998)
by: David Rocher (10 out of 10)
Three dark spirits once again leave the pinewoods of Finland to unleash an occult, antichristian assault unto us... Very similar in style to their previous masterpiece _Forests of Witchery_, _Christcrusher_ embodies a deceptively slow, intense requiem of vehement antichristian hatred. Mystical, occult lyrics combine with enchanting funeral hymns to create a very doom-like style of sorrowful black metal, fuelled by an underlying rage that is nearly tangible. The only exception to the melancholic, sometimes even ethereal, yet uncontrived expression of rage burnt onto this CD is the searing, no-holds-barred title track "Christcrusher", that would without doubt earn its stars on Immortal's _Battles in the North_, so strikingly similar to the Norwegian trios' style are the tight, crushing riffing and vociferating, rabid vocals. To some extent, this track embodies the lethal black thorn in a bunch of poison flowers, whose suddenly unrestrained violence heaves forth the tense, threateningly calm atmospheres of the other serenades on this absolute masterpiece. To cut it short, _Christcrusher_ is definitely one of the finest, most emotional releases of the year 1998 E.V., as was _Forests of Witchery_ two years back -- buy or cry.

(article published 19/11/1998)

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