Resurrecturis - _Nocturnal_
(Diamond Records, 1998)
by: Pedro Azevedo (5 out of 10)
"From brutal death to atmospheric dark", they say. I was curious to hear how they would manage to do that, since the combination is potentially very interesting. The result, however, is that this CD often sounds more like a compilation of different bands, except for the obviously constant production characteristics from track to track. But when you go from normal death metal to groovier death, faster, relatively brutal death, thrash/power vocals, clean singing and softer parts (once even keyboard/strings only) with female vocals, it's not easy to avoid that compilation syndrome I just mentioned. Ressurrecturis fall right into that trap. The female voices, for example, are acceptable, but sound so totally out of place in the album that just don't contribute for the final result. The variations I mentioned to the death vox are inconsequent as well, and, at times, even annoying -- way too much thrash/power vocals and very poor attempts at clean singing. These Italians still made a few better sequences that save the album from a lower rating, but the music never rises above average quality and the production doesn't help much. There's just too much in this album that sounds out of place and the music is never good enough to overcome that problem (mediocre songs like "Dark Moods" definitely don't help). Ressurrecturis seriously need to get an identity of their own.

Contact: Diamond Rec., Postbus 2166, 1620 Ed Hoorn, The Netherlands

(article published 19/11/1998)

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