Night in Gales - _Thunderbeast_
(Nuclear Blast, 1998)
by: Adrian Bromley (7.5 out of 10)
I was really expecting more from Night in Gales with this record. The band's previous effort, _Towards the Twilight_ (their debut for Nuclear Blast), was a solid record that showcased a true melodic side to metal music, harnessing old school styles (Helloween) and the elaborate and technical side of death metal (In Flames, Katatonia) in one package. The new record seems a bit rawer and grittier. The band's use of melodic overtones has since been lessened and now seems to be a slight reminder of their past work. While I am strongly for bands exploring new routes within their musical agenda, I do stand firm on bands shifting their sound a good deal. They alienate the listener and that's what has happened here for the most part, though some of the guitar work here is totally mind bending. Check out numbers like "Perihelion", "Thunderbeast" and opener "Intruder". Crushing riffs touted on by gruff vocals make for some dynamic sparks throughout the record. A mixed review for a band that really has potential. I'm still a fan, but just wish their roots had stayed firmly planted. Good record, though.

(article published 19/11/1998)

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