Gooseflesh - _Welcome to Suffer Age_
(Goldtrack, 1998)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
This MCD's first track sounds so much like a mix of Sepultura and Machine Head that the replacement of most of these influences by a rather Kyuss-like sound in the second track can be quite surprising when you listen to _Welcome to Suffer Age_ for the first time. Gooseflesh then continue to assume various identities, more or less obviously, throughout the three remaining tracks. The point when the whole mixture becomes their "own" sound -- like almost every band as original as Gooseflesh like to say after naming their already obvious influences -- is very subjective. But I never really demand immense originality anyway, unless we're talking about something like a clear rip-off. So this Swedish band still gets an average score for their mostly very unoriginal, for my taste rather uninteresting, but nevertheless competent and well produced effort.

Contact: Goldtrack Records, PO Box 37062, 28080 Madrid, Spain

(article published 19/11/1998)

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