Diabolic Revelations
CoC chats with Paimon of Thunderbolt
by: Quentin Kalis
Thunderbolt are one of the few bands to have lived up to the promise implied by the name. The online Oxford English Dictionary defines "thunderbolt" as a "violent or destructive action; one who acts with furious and resistless energy", or alternatively as "some sudden or unexpected, and hence startling event or piece of news, usually untoward". The latter definition is apt in light of their disassociation from the Polish NSBM scene, in favour of a more traditional Satanic outlook; while the former definition is a fitting description of their music -- and for that matter, Paimon himself. Although this interview was conducted via e-mail, his undeniable passion and energy for Thunderbolt is obvious.

CoC: You were affiliated with the NSBM scene in your early days, but have rejected the ideology in favour of Satanism. Why did you change? Do you have any regrets regarding your involvement with NSBM?

Paimon: Thunderbolt since its beginning was a Satanic band. We have -nothing- in common with this so-called "NSBM" scene since five years or so. When we joined the black metal scene in 1993, the scene was filled with many shitty trendy idiots and we didn't feel part of this "trendy black metal scene" and we decided to co-operate with bands such as Graveland, Infernum and so on... that was more extreme, true and elite at that time. And that was the only true scene in our area at that time. Black metal was -never- any fun or a fucking joy for us. The people around the "NSBM" scene were more extreme and serious at that time. Anyway, we were always into Satanism, not this political shit, you know, black metal was always something more, something spiritual and deeper than all that social shit, human problems etc. for us. We were definitely not involved in those shitty political topics. So when we noticed that the "NSBM" scene was becoming more and more involved in politics, we decided to leave it. Black metal was never a tool for spreading politics; it was always about Satanism, darkness, evil, death and doom... That was the main principle behind black metal since its beginning, and we follow that way. I regret nothing -- regret is the attribute of weak people; everyone has made mistakes in the past. Let's say that that was the part of a crooked path of my self-development. I never step backward, this chapter is definitely closed. I see it in that way now.

CoC: You also prompted some angry statements from some parts of the NSBM scene, who regard you as a so-called "traitor". What are your thoughts on their reaction?

P: Everyone asks me about the same things and that's truly boring. I don't care what others think about us. We're just beyond all that shit. They know nothing about us. Our involvement in the "NSBM" scene is the past and we're not a part of it anymore. Talking was always the strong part of the activity of those people and their "movement". I completely ignore it; I don't care what they think about Thunderbolt. The most pitiful shit is that many gig organizers are worried to organize a gig of Thunderbolt, because we're a so-called "Nazi band", a band with a "politically incorrect past", etc. Where is the true spirit of black metal? Where is rebellion, evil, hatred...? Almost nothing left from the ancient black metal glorious days. Everything is so fucking "politically correct" these days, where everyone almost loves each other... I hate it.

CoC: In light of the above, should black metal be about the music only or is ideology also important? If black metal is more than just music, what ideals does it need?

P: Black metal without ideology means nothing. That's my point of view. Black metal is a tool for spreading anti-Christian and Satanic propaganda. Of course, the whole topic is much deeper, but I won't speak about it here. Black metal is definitely not only about the music, it's a way of life. You practice what you preach and you're into this 100% or you're an unreliable faggot and fuck off and die.

CoC: Do you currently support any Satanic ideology, or are you merely anti-Christian? What are your thoughts on the presence of neo-Heathenism in black metal?

P: Yes. Thunderbolt performs Satanic black metal. I'm a Satanist. But I must admit that my Satanism has -nothing- in common with Christian shit. I'm an individualist; I don't need any pitiful god/hero/idol over myself. I follow my own free will in life. In my opinion, there is no place for another solution in black metal than to be the soldier of Satan. Heathens performing this kind of music are not black metal. Call it Pagan metal, Heathen metal or whatever. It's not black.

CoC: Is the line-up on _Inhuman Ritual Massmurder_ a stable one, or are they simply session musicians who will be replaced on the recording of the new album?

P: The new line-up is a stable one for sure. D. (bass) is no longer a member of Thunderbolt. He was replaced by Triumphator shortly after the recording session of _IRM_. We've been playing together since two years now and the chemistry in the band is just perfect. Now, at last, we can speak about Thunderbolt as a real band, not a studio-project as it was before. Thunderbolt anno 2005 is: Paimon, guitars; Necrosodom, guitars and vocals; Triumphator, bass; and Stormblast, drums.

CoC: What happened to previous band members? I know at least one was imprisoned.

P: Yes, Uldor (drums on _Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty_) in the years 1997-2001 was in prison for burning down a church and a few other crimes. Other ex-members were not involved into black metal in 100% or just had not enough free-time to combine it with the band, so they just had to go away.

CoC: Your music on _Inhuman Ritual Massmurder_ was heavier and more brutal than anything you released before. It was also the most removed from the "true black metal" of the _Beyond Christianity_ demo. Do you perhaps see Thunderbolt following a similar path as fellow countrymen Behemoth and morphing completely into a death metal band?

P: No, definitely not! I really like Behemoth's early stuff, and I also can't say I don't appreciate their newer albums (hail Inferno!). Progression is the driving force in Thunderbolt. We see no sense in recording the same albums all the time. There is no fucking place to copy anybody thoughtlessly. _IRM_ is just the natural progression of Thunderbolt. The main feeling behind the idea of _IRM_ was hatred -- therefore the album is extreme, brutal and violent. Our next strike will be more raw, cold and dark, constantly brutal and insane...

CoC: What are the future plans for Thunderbolt?

P: We're going to record our next opus probably in January 2006. Prepare yourself for bestial devastation!

CoC: Thanks for the interview! Any last words for our readers?

P: Thank you for the interview. Praise Satan and spit in the face of "God"! Let the churches burn!

(article submitted 21/7/2005)

12/13/2004 Q Kalis 7.5 Thunderbolt - Inhuman Ritual Massmurder
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