Incorrigible Bigots?
CoC chats with Arghoslent
by: Quentin Kalis
For adherents within of the underground metal scene, it is trite knowledge that a particular band's popularity bears no relation to its quality; if there was a direct relationship between the two, I could switch on MTV and be treated to Burzum and Immortal videos rather than some sexually aggressive flash in the pan pop starlet. Yet even within the underground, some bands simply do not receive the attention that is due to them. One such band is Arghoslent. Having forged ahead for some fifteen years and still going, trends have come and gone during that time; but they have doggedly stuck to their brand of rhythmic heavy death metal.

[This interview was conducted via e-mail; however despite repeated attempts, I was unable to confirm which member actually answered the questions.]

CoC: The name Arghoslent is apparently Greek for "denizen of a fortress" -- why was this name chosen for the band?

Arghoslent: The band name is a combination of two ancient Greek words: "Arghoslentos", which loosely translated means "fortress", "constellation"; and "slent", which means "slave" or "denizen thereof". We used the name for it was original and had a disciplinary edge.

CoC: You have frequently been called racists and fascists in the past. Do you identify with the sentiments expressed in the NSBM scene to any great extent?

A: The sentiments expressed in the NSBM scene vary from band to band, to the point where some of them don't even respect each other. I can say that most of our support comes from this sect of the underground nowadays, primarily due to our lyrics, even though our music is quite different from any black metal band. We identify with certain points of the so-called NSBM scene, that's obvious. The real question is: do they identify with ours? We pre-date most of this NSBM stuff by a few years.

CoC: Taken the above answer into account, why have you decided to appear on a split CD with Hellenic NSBM horde Der Sturmer (and Mudoven)?

A: The split 7" EP was originally planned with Mudoven alone, but we came to an agreement with Der Sturmer to make it a three-way split, giving the listener three different styles that were all conceptually similar. The split is only a 7" EP, not a full-length CD, and will be released by Vinland Winds. All the songs were recorded on four-tracks, pure underground.

CoC: Your webpage states that a new album will be recorded in summer 2004. How is this proceeding? Will it differ significantly from previous albums?

A: I think that we tend to stick to the basics. Our music varies in style from song to song, not from album to album. Our main goal is to not be easily confused with other bands in the scene. We have a great number of new tunes and some 7" EP songs that we're in the process of recording. A song from the 1994 demo will also be included.

CoC: _Galloping Through the Battle Ruins_ will finally be re released on Drakkar Productions. When will this happen?

A: That will be released conjunctively with the new Arghoslent album, whenever that may be. In North America, Moribund Cult will be releasing their version at around the same time.

CoC: Although you generally sing about historical atrocities, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade appears to be a favourite topic. What is it about this particular historical process that interests Arghoslent?

A: It is of such interest to us for living in Virginia, and being part of the New World, which was built on the sweaty backs of imported slaves. In relative terms, we have lived in this continent only a few hundred years, and the history behind this reality is rooted in the trade of human cargo and imperial servitude. It serves our purpose well to capture these feelings of conquering savage lands. We hope to capture, through our music, the essence of combat, encourage and facilitate violence. Eugenics, heredity and colonization have all too much in common; they also possess a negative connotation or lead to a tragic conclusion. Death metal is negative!

CoC: Where do you obtain the pictures for your album covers? Do they have anything in common?

A: There is nothing in common, other than that they're oil paintings, I reckon. The artwork must usually be majestic in order to accompany the music. The visual and aural aspects have to go hand in hand.

CoC: Thanks for the interview! Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: The recording of album #3 will be finished this year.

(article submitted 3/6/2005)

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