Beware the German Invasion
An Interview with Pyogenesis
by: Gino Filicetti
-- "We are just playing the music we want to, we are playing the music that we'd buy from other bands." - Vocalist/Guitarist Flo

Melody and anguish are two things so seemingly different from each other that it would seem absurd to string these two words together in one sentence. However, when it comes to Pyogenesis, there are no other words that could correctly describe this German outfit.

Formed in 1990, Pyogenesis started out as your run of the mill, everyday death metal project, but by 1995 they have grown to become one of the best purveyors of melodic soulful metal. The band consists of Flo and Tim, both sharing the double duties of vocals and guitars, Roman on bass, and skinsman Wolle. The band's first two demos were released on two small South American labels that didn't live up to the band's expectations; "Well the deal was they wanted to do 1000 7 inch's and we were supposed to get two hundred but we only got thirty, so the band was really angry because we were ripped off, we were full of anger when this happened and we are hoping that we are gonna get the 170 copies left."

Undetered, the band set out to find a new label on which to release their debut. In September of 1992, the band found, or more correctly, was found by Osmose Records of France who were interested in the way in which the band was progressing towards the melodic side of metal, and away from the generic death metal sound. "When I came to Pyogenesis, we didn't play death metal anymore, it was boring at that time. The music was more melodic and that's what Osmose liked because they got a tape with two rehersal songs with the new melodic sound and they wanted to do it; they liked it and asked us whether we were interested and we said yes."

After being signed to the black metal-oriented label, Pyogenesis released their debut mini-CD _Ignis Creatio_. Despite being very well received by the media and fans alike, Pyogenesis were unsatisfied with the treatment they received at the hands of Osmose; "Well you know Osmose is a black metal label, and we never were satanic but they wanted us to be. So on an ad they promoted us as 'Devilish' and a promoter of Osmose said in an interview with a big German magazine that 'Pyogenesis don't have satanic lyrics but they have other ways to show their satanism.' It's the main reason why we split."

Once again the band was left 'sans-label' and so the search began all over again. This time it would be Nuclear Blast that would take on the task of supporting one of metal's brightest gems. "Nuclear Blast are much more professional [than Osmose]. They really trust in us, they put a lot of money into the new CD. I think right now we'll be the best promoted band ever on Nuclear Blast. Markus Staiger, the owner of Nuclear Blast, said this (_Twinaleblood_) is the most important CD for Nuclear Blast so far."

The band's brand new recording, _Twinaleblood_ (slated for a November 6th release in Europe), shows the band to be progressing further away from generic metal and towards emotional, thought-provoking melody. Although still very much a metal band, Pyogenesis show that there are still many unopened doors, and many untravelled paths that are just waiting to be found. "I don't have to say it, but metal is becoming more and more boring. It's always the same and I listen to lots of other styles of music. It inspires me too you know, I am listening a lot to techno music and some parts in the techno music inspire me to write the riffs for Pyogenesis."

Pyogenesis' last album also showed a higher level of progression for the band, but was still labeled as death metal, even though the band doesn't really believe themselves to be death metal. "If I loved death metal, I would want to be a death metal band, but I don't hate death metal." The band's influences vary as much as their musical direction, showing that the best music can only come from a wide selection of musical tastes. "I used to love Cemetary from Sweden. I like Kyuss and Smashing Pumpkins, they are GODS!"

The future of metal and of music in general is as uncertain today as it was 15 years ago when the new breed of thrash metal maniacs were just bursting onto a still young and thriving scene. Predicting what's in store for metal in the next few years is akin to predicting the outcome of a walk down a dark alley at 2am, but melody and emotion seem to be the dominant factors being integrated into metal today. "I think death metal is dying. There are only quite a few real death metal bands left, most of them play the melodic style or go back to grind but real death metal stuff is dying. Like Morbid Angel, they were REALLY big five years ago, but they still think they are stars."

Right now, Pyogenesis are rehearsing and preparing for the going out onto the road and getting out of the rehearsal room. "We are rehearsing each week with the same songs, I can't hear them anymore!" In past the band had toured with Liverpool's Anathema, an experience that they'll never forget; "It (the tour) was really great because you play every night in another town and people come to watch your show and it's just really cool when you're in Paris for example, which is 1000 kilometers away from my home and people like your music."

Expect this powerful foursome to hit a European town near you early in '96. Pyogenesis look to be doing two support tours and headlining as well. Be sure to catch this band on the rise, and get a sneak preview into the future of this beast called 'metal'.

(article submitted 2/9/1995)

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