Eden Must Burn
CoC interviews God Dethroned
by: Adrian Bromley
It's not really a crusade. It's more like an attitude. God and religion needs to be cast to the wayside and God Dethroned singer Henri Sattler wouldn't have it any other way.

"There are a lot of reasons why we write so many lyrics against Jesus and religion", starts Sattler from his home in Holland. "I think religion is just an opinion and not a law. The Bible has been written for people to use as a guide to lead a normal life, but the church used the Bible to enforce these laws that it states onto people, telling them what they can or cannot do. I think that's wrong. So in my lyrics I take passages from the Bible and try to make them more down to earth. I try to spruce them up a bit, add some chaoticness to the story lines and really go against the stories that people emphasise as wholesome ones. That's what we're all about"

"I love this style of music", confides Sattler. "I can't get enough of it. When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is put on music. Black metal. Speed metal. Grindcore. It's no problem. This is my life and that helps me continue on what we do as a band (rounded out by other blasphemers Jens, Roel and Beef). I don't need to copy other music. I just get inspired to write all of the time. I pick up a guitar and write. It's an easy process. In order to do this and be an honest musician, you just need to be yourself and write from what you believe in and not what others tell you to do. God Dethroned listens to no one but themselves. It's always been a rule for us."

About the new LP and the last record (1997's _The Grand Grimoire_), he comments, "I think we pretty much continued on where we left off. I think we made a good album with _Bloody Blasphemy_", says Sattler. "We didn't know what kind of reaction we would be getting, but so far it's been very good. It's pretty much the same type of record: brutal and fast. We will always be playing music like this and there will be no, I mean NO, way of compromising and slowing things down. God Dethroned is about being fast and brutal. People expect that from us and so do we."

And what of today's metal scene? Sattler's thoughts? "There are a lot of good bands out there, but there are a lot of other bands out there that play a certain type of music 'cause it's popular. A few years from now, all those bands will be gone and only the good bands are going to be left. When you compose your own songs and do your own thing, it takes a while to become a popular band. You have to really work to gain a fan base and sell records. That's what God Dethroned is. We don't copy anyone and no one is like God Dethroned."

As one would expect, a name like God Dethroned (much like the name Rotting Christ) is bound to anger many people as the band releases material and tours. What kind of flack or negative attention has the band received throughout the years? "It's always been steady", laughs Sattler. "People can't get enough of us or our name. Christian organisations always try to shut down our shows, but we live in a liberal country, so we can say what we want. They try and it never works. We are always in the papers over here 'cause we are a popular band and there is always someone trying to hurt or say bad stuff about what we do. We don't care. We get exposure. One time these organisations even approached the Minister of Justice over here and requested that she forbid our concert. It never happened."

He ends, "People can say all they want about what we do. It's their say and that's fine. But we too have a right to go out and promote our views about religion and what have you. Our music and lyrics say it all. We don't mess around. We tell it like it is and fans of God Dethroned like that. That's good enough for us."

(article submitted 12/8/1999)

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