Florida's Newest Blasphemy
CoC interviews Diabolic
by: Adam Wasylyk
Those who follow the underground are aware of the death metal exploits of Tampa, Florida's Diabolic. Making waves with their _City of the Dead_ demo, which received rave reviews from fans and critics alike, the death metal phenoms have just recently released their debut CD, _Supreme Evil_, on Conquest Music. Showing growth and boasting better production, _Supreme Evil_ still holds the characteristics that make Diabolic so intense: amazing drum work, great guitar leads and the ability to aurally crush the listener. Guitarist Brian Malone took his time getting back to me with our e-mail interview, giving me a great insight into the deadly quartet. Sit back, relax, and allow the decimation to take hold.

CoC: We'll start off with the ol' zine standby; the band history, present line-up, etc..

Brian Malone: Diabolic was formed in January 1997, determined to become a force in the worldwide death metal scene. The line-up consists of: Paul Ouellette (vocals, guitars), Aantar "Blastmaster" Coates (drums), Ed Webb (bass) and myself, Brian Malone (guitars). In April '97 we released the three song demo _City of the Dead_, which has since been called "already classic" and "the best death metal demo ever released". We've pounded Florida clubs and venues with our furious live performances, toured the West Coast with L.A. death-crushers Infamy and headlined an East Coast tour. Festivals victimized include Milwaukee '98, New York's Demonfest, and the New England Death Metal Fest.

CoC: Diabolic doesn't come to death metal listeners as quite a shock, as you've had a very successful demo (_City of the Dead_) that really got your name around. How many copies did it sell?

BM: We've sold and traded over 2000 copies of the demo to the death-starved underground scene in 30 countries! Support has been incredible from the unholy legions of zines, radio, bands and fans/friends! Hail to the worldwide underground!!

CoC: How did the deal come about to sign with Conquest Music?

BM: We sent Conquest a promo pack containing the demo and a copy of the rest of our songs pre-produced on [an] 8-track. They witnessed the impact we've had on the Tampa scene and the worldwide underground and sent us the contract. It's a brutal label with Diabolic, Vader, and Monstrosity!! They've scored major label distribution in Canada (PhD) and Europe (Sony / Metal Age) and are definitely supportive of Diabolic!!

CoC: You've just released a new album, _Supreme Evil_. Perhaps you could talk a bit about it, what someone could expect to hear on it. Favourite tracks?

BM: _Supreme Evil_ was recorded at AudioLab Studios and mastered at Morrisound Studios. Ten tracks of dynamic death metal at blasphemous speeds!! Aggressive and creative song arrangements, cut-throat flesh-tearing guitar work, single-foot hyperblast drumming with scorching double kicks, thundering basslines, vocals ranging from demonic lows to soul-ripping highs, chaotic yet controlled leads, dark and powerful lyrics, and production that delivers all of the desired intensity!! Fans have written and told us their favourite tracks and they covered all of them! "View With Abhorrence" and "Ancient Hatred" seem to get a lot of notice!

CoC: How has the Florida death metal scene helped shape Diabolic? After all, you've grown around what's considered a hot bed of death metal in the U.S. [or North America, for that matter].

BM: Definitely the scene in Tampa demands respect! With so many great veteran death metal bands here, the standards are high for newer bands to meet. Diabolic definitely meets those standards and gets total respect from those bands and the entire scene!! Our shows are packed and the pits are violent!! It's killer to look out and see members of Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Angelcorpse, Acheron, etc. in the crowd!!

CoC: Who would you list as your personal musical influences? Do they differ from those who influence the band as a whole? I noticed a bit of Florida death metal influence, particularly Morbid Angel in some the guitaring and to a smaller extent Obituary as well...

BM: The major influences are basically shared by the band as a whole: Black Sabbath, Slayer, Mercyful Fate, old Metallica, Judas Priest, Maiden, Bathory, Venom, Sodom, Destruction, Coroner, and Kreator. We still listen to Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Deicide, Obituary, Malevolent Creation and black metal bands Emperor, Darkthrone, Satanic Slaughter, Marduk, etc..

CoC: I must admit the drumming aspect of Diabolic is quite impressive, akin to something that would appear on a Cryptopsy album or even something parallel to Culross' work on the new Malevolent Creation album [speed-wise, anyhow]. Tell me about Aantar Coates' drumming style and how it helps Diabolic...

BM: Aantar's easily ranked among the world's fastest drummers, but his unique style and creativity definitely should not be overlooked! He plays with extreme emotion and continues to improve even more!! The Diabolic sound is the combination and chemistry between us with an elite level of excellence at all stations!

CoC: Any upcoming shows or tours you could talk about? Perhaps another Milwaukee Metal Fest appearance?

BM: We're working on an European tour for the fall and should hit North America after that. No Milwaukee appearance in '99 for Diabolic.

CoC: I didn't get a copy of the lyrics of the new album, so perhaps you could go into some detail on what they're about.

BM: "Sacrament of Fiends" is basically the sacrament of Diabolic and our plans to destroy limited narrow-minded thinking. "Ancient Hatred" describes the hypocrisy of religious warfare and terrorism in the name of an imaginary god. "Treacherous Scriptures" is a double-edged sword -- to the fools of religion it is indeed treacherous doctrine, to the free-thinkers a warning to read deeper into history and reality!!! "Grave Warnings" foretells the danger of self-fulfilled prophecies of doom. "Rack of Torment" delves into the mind of a madman and his sadistic compulsion to torture and maim. "View With Abhorrence" is blatant disgust for religious dependence, religious pessimism, and religious limitations. "Dwelling Spirits" is a tale crossing the supernatural barrier. "Wicked Inclination" defines the instinct of survival through cannibalism. "Supreme Evil" goes beyond the duality of eternal battle and the triumph of all that is Diabolic!!!

CoC: What are your views as far as the death metal scene in North America? Still thriving?

BM: The underground scene in North America is as strong as it ever was. There are scenes in all major cities despite mainstream restrictions and die-hard death metal speed demons will not be deprived!!

CoC: And finally, Diabolic have really created a powerful death metal album with _Supreme Evil_. So where does the band go from here? Is there room for growth?

BM: Diabolic will continue to pulverize the listener while progressing as musicians!! There's always room to improve and grow as a band. We are adding new facets to our sound while maintaining the straightforward demon-invoking death metal that pours from our dark souls!!! Thanx for the killer interview, Adam!!!


Diabolic, P.O. Box 9689, Tampa, FL, 33674-9689 USA (t-shirts and merch list) mailto:blastmasters@hotmail.com

Conquest Music, 4195 S. Tamiami Tr. #180, Venice, FL 34293-5112 USA (CD orders) WWW: http://www.conquestmusic.com

Metal Age Recordings, P.O. Box 1147, 73330 Gingen, Germany (all European inquiries)

(article submitted 7/7/1999)

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