Philistine - _Consume and Devour_
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 5)
Heavily rooted in the Godflesh sound, this northeast two piece low-end industrial outfit formed in the fall of 2003. Filled from stem to stern with a wash of samples and synth, Philistine builds a sound of slow, low and heavy. Strong is the undercurrent of simple aural assailments as well as a dependence on their influences. While Philistine cites Grief, Halo and Khanate, Godflesh's 1998 self-titled release is laid out unapologetically on the inside cover of _Consume and Devour_. Furthermore, song titles on this, their initial demo, smile shamelessly upon Philistine's influences. Just over forty-three minutes in length, Natas Corpsegrinder (the last name is not to be confused with the Massacre song of the same name) and Slave Voltage together combine their abilities in an attempt to shape an exploration in dejection and desolation. Throughout the eight tracks comprising _Consume and Devour_, Philistine does little to emblazon their own approach, but their sound and aptitude is admirably executed. The production on this demo is equally impressive. After cutting their teeth for awhile on the scene, Philistine will no doubt find a stride more their own. Until that day comes, _Consume and Devour_ is a creditable gesture toward a promising calling for this duo.

Contact: Space Ghost Records, 206 Jarvis Gore Drive, Eddington, ME 04428 USA

(article published 31/5/2004)

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