If Music Be the Food, Smell the Glove #4
Series One, Episode Four: Give Us the Grind, 101
by: Paul Schwarz
[Introduction to MFSG #4 by: Gino Fillicetti]

In this fourth part of Paul Schwarz's ongoing series, "ZZ Frost" and "DUB" of Dutch underground extreme metal screw-arounds The Sodomised Abortions continue to listen -- we don't know if anyone else is, so we'll not mention the promised live review that is still outstanding (hint hint, Paul). 'The List' (see below) will be featured in each episode of this rant 'series'. Ratings will appear only in the body text of any given 'episode'. Remember, big things afoot in April: we're going undercover and into the true meaning of kvlt -- is that how you spell it, with a little 'k', as in 'kwood'? Paul says it's a British hockey term...

Series One: In Ede and Extreme

Written, edited, transcribed and paraphrased by: Paul Schwarz

Author's note: It has come to my attention that this column rather erred on the 'generous' side, as a good friend once remarked when he was accused of being prententious and longwinded. This week, we're getting stingy -- or zen, depending how you choose to sugarcoat it. Right, that was the last bit of generosity. Go ask for tree fitty elsewhere -- "Hot Hardwood Babes R Us" this ain't.

A campsite in Ede, a relatively modest collective haul of CDs and DVDs: messenger won't go away at the touch of a button. Perfect?

The List (cheapest to dearest; min €5.00, max €16.00)

1. In Blackest Velvet - _Insuisight_ (self-released CD, 6 tracks, 2006 - free) [SEE MFSG #2]

2. Deceased - _Up the Tombstones Live 2000_ (CD, 10 tracks, 2000 - bought) [SEE BELOW]

3. Nevermore _The Politics of Ecstacy_ (CD, 10 tracks, 1996 original - bought) [SEE MFSG #3]

4. Venom - _Hell at Hammersmith (Live in London)_ (DVD, 60 mins stated run-time, "powered by Rock Hard", 15 tracks including "bass solo", recorded live 1985, original line-up - bought) [SEE MFSG #3]

5. Unsane - _Blood Run_ (CD, 11 tracks, 2005 - bought) [SEE MFSG #3]

6. The Chasm - _Conjuration of the Spectral Empire_ (CD, 11 tracks, 2003 - bought) [SEE BELOW]

7. Forbidden - _Raw Evil Live at the Dynamo_ (CD, 4 tracks, 1998 re-release of 1989 live recording) [SEE MFSG #3]

8. Faith No More - _The Real Thing_ (CD, 1989, 11 tracks - bought) [SEE MFSG #2]

9. Hypocrisy - _Abducted_ (CD, digipack, 13 tracks, 1996 album - bought) [SEE MFSG #1]

10. Extreme Noise Terror - _Damage 381_ (CD, 10 tracks, 1997 - bought) [SEE BELOW]

11. Nattefrost - _Terrorist (Necronaut PT.1)_ (CD, digipak, 13 tracks - bought) [SEE MFSG #1]

12. Immortal - _Damned in Black_ (CD, 7 tracks, 2000 - bought) [SEE MFSG #1]

13. Immortal _Blizzard Beasts_ (CD, 8 tracks, 1997 - bought) [SEE MFSG #1]

14. Necrophagia - _Necrotorture Sickness_ (DVD, 120 mins stated run-time, 16-track show inclusive of "credits" and "young burial", no booklet, 'extras' may be lengthy, RS is allegedly the label so it is allegedly legit - bought) [SEE MFSG #2]

15. Darkthrone - _Panzerfaust_ (CD, 7 tracks, 1995 - bought) [SEE MFSG #1]

16. Kroda - _Toward the Firmaments Verge of Life_ (CD, 9 tracks, 2005 - bought) [SEE MFSG #1]

17. Nocturnus - _A Farewell to Planet Earth_ (bootleg DVD, 17 tracks, no booklet, 'released' 2004, recorded '91-'97 - bought) [SEE MFSG #1]

18. Crux (Cz) - _Rev Smrti - Scream of Death_ (CD, 11 tracks including 4 marked as "bonus", 2006/7 release for tracks recorded from '90-'06 - bought)

19. DHG - _Supervillian Outcast_ (CD, 15 tracks, 2007 - bought)

20. The Crown - _14 Years of No Tomorrow_ (3-DVD, 2005 - bought) [SEE MFSG #2]

21. Dead Kennedys - _The Early Years_ (DVD, 9 tracks, no booklet, 30 mins stated and actual total run-time - bought) [SEE BELOW]

22. Extreme Noise Terror - _From One Extreme to Another_ (probably bootleg DVD, 2002, 11 tracks and interview extra, no booklet - bought) [SEE BELOW]

[Marking scheme: * to ***** or 'one to five', often with vague classification. Editor's discretion, ultimately.]

Episode Four: Give Us the Grind, 101

That's what ZZ said after he saw out last edition. 200 words and counting. Now. EXTREME NOISE TERROR have been bootlegged badly, but top whack for twenty minutes sucks even when it's awesome to look through that window of time. [Incompetent interview awesomeness awards extra star to rip off: **]

Barney makes 'brutal', but this ENT is stiff. [Split with Trap Them better: ***]

'Dark Cloud' fits the order of this day. "Who can trust Schwarz on THE CHASM?" asks ZZ. Who indeed [Ahem: *****]

Who can argue with the DEAD KENNEDYS? Not DUB -- and ZZ is fully with that, though it's a dear half hour DVD [Work that vac, Jello! ****]

Hammer-smashing denim and leather '80s into a '90s sound that never existed for most, DECEASED at times "grind like Voivod and Kreator casting a shadow of Iron Maidens [sic] to come", proclaims ZZ. "Approval. But don't ask me why", adds DUB, nodding to the other's final word: "He sounds like the guy on the Combat Records video!" [Bang your head til your dead / It is the only way / Happy blastbeat appreciation day -- ****]

Report #4 ends...


[Featuring the music and words of The Chasm, The Dead Kennedys, Deceased and Extreme Noise Terror; or it could have, if it were a podcast. Do you want podcast?]

(article submitted 30/1/2009)

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