Nile's No Show, Not Nice
Fear Factory, System of a Down and Static X
at the Embassy in London, Ontario on April 1st 1999

by: Adam Wasylyk
The immediate disappointment of the show was that Nile wouldn't be opening things up. Many in the crowd were visibly upset as the news spread through the attendees, including our own Alain Gaudrault.

So instead of being able to witness one of America's hottest death metal acts, I had to suffer through mass quantities of industrial drivel. Where's the Trenchcoat Mafia when I need them??

Static X put on a good set of mediocre industrial, hardly rousing any of those in the crowd. 'Nuff said.

System of a Down are apparently quite the thing as of late with the industrial crowd, landing some prominent tours including the recent Ozzfest. Some of the crowd were really into it, but the majority of those here for Fear Factory couldn't care less.

Fear Factory eventually took the stage, and would go on to kick the ass of everyone in the packed Embassy, including yours truly. They would play a wide variety of tracks, including "Martyr", "Scapegoat", "Demanufacture", "Replica", "New Breed", "Shock", "Edgecrusher", the title track off their new album, "Obsolete", and the song that's featured on their newest video, "Resurrection". What also made this show have all the more impact was not only the exclusion of any _Remanufacture_ material, but the inclusion of the godly "Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix)" track found on FF's _Fear Is the Mindkiller_ EP. Amazing!

And I was thought Morbid Angel were the best live band I've seen! Fear Factory's set tonight held a level of intensity that I've never experienced before. Never has my voice been this hoarse before, it was a "best of" Fear Factory right before my very eyes! This band could very well be the best metal band touring right now.

If you haven't seen this band live, all I have is one question: "What the fuck is wrong with you?!?"

(article submitted 19/5/1999)

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