Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid
Fear Factory and Type O Negative with Drain and Powerman 5000
at The Warehouse in Toronto, Ontario, June 6, 1997

by: Adam Wasylyk
A one-off show from the Ozz-Fest tour, Toronto would be the receptionist of the better bands on the bill (as opposed to bands like Vision of Disorder... Yuck!). After seeing Fear Factory last November in New York, I was looking forward to seeing them again, this time on more familiar soil.

Of course, tonight in attendance were the usual sluts and Marilyn Manson freaks. What would a Type-O show be without them?

When the show eventually started, it was Sweden's Drain who would open the show. A female quartet, the band plays dirge-ish, heavy rock with dueling female vocals. Not much appreciated by the audience, nor I. I consider Drain "background music," something to listen to while talking to friends. Thankfully, it ended soon.

Following up were Powerman 5000, whose funk/rap metal style bored me to tears. When will people recognize that metal and rap don't belong together? [ed: Don't care what anyone says, I still think Stuck Mojo is cool. -- Alain]

Finally, the good stuff! Fear Factory took the stage, to what would be the loudest response by the crowd for the night. Starting out sounding horribly, luckily the sound guy fixed his fuck up and make them sound like the great live band I remembered them to be. Some songs that were played are "Demanufacture", "Self-Immolation", and "Replica", coupled with some remixes off FF's new album, _Remanufacture_ and my favorite FF remix, "Scum Grief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix)" off the _Fear Is the Mindkiller_ EP. What a great set; I hope to see them back here soon.

Closing out the show was Type-O, who I admit I've never been a great admirer of. Still supporting last year's _October Rust_ release, songs off it such as "Love You to Death" and "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" were mixed with older favorites like "Black #1" and others I'm not familiar with. What was odd about Type-O's set was the number of cover songs the band did, this being my first attendance at a Type-O gig, I don't know if this is usually what they do. Bands like Black Sabbath, Neil Young and The Doors were covered with mixed results. Not a bad set, but FF were definitely tops for this night. [ed: Type O played too damn FAST, seemed rushed, perhaps? -- Alain]

Overall I had a great time at the show. Not only did I hear some great music (mostly on behalf of Fear Factory) but I was able to meet the night's bands, media people, musicians, writers, and metal fans. A Toronto metal show that is unforgettable. Who woulda known?

(article submitted 14/7/1997)

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