An Evening of Intensity
Anal Cunt with Incantation
October 27, 1996 at The Velvet Elvis in Savannah, GA

by: Steve Cannon
Wow! A show like this coming to our town! Actually, they were appearing with local band Damad, who I didn't get to see, but can best be described as a punk/death metal combo with a female lead singer who is absolutely brutal, and puts most guys to shame in the genre. They have a CD coming out which I will tell y'all more about! The strangest thing about this show was the local band played last.

Incantation went on first, and lemme tell ya, there were about 30 people who drove 5 hours from Gainseville Florida to be here! Incantation did not prove to be a disappointment, though the vocals were a bit lower in the mix than the rest of the band. Their material, most of which was from their previous efforts, was a good mix of blistering speed and slow grinding riffs, and there was a good bit of moshing about! Unfortunately, as I was not very familiar with their stuff, I don't know exactly what songs they played, but all who know Incantation know they are quite vicious live.

Anal Cunt was next, and this reporter definitely enjoyed the craziness, although there were a couple of times when I didn't think I would live through the show! Lead singer Seth was half drunk, and fell off the stage at many points, one time falling right onto his back and still singing in that crazed half death/half screech that most black metal bands might wanna grab! He threw a few chairs directly into the crowd, and some probably feared for their lives! They did a rather short set, only a drummer and guitarist were present besides Seth. They did the Oi version of Staying Alive, Pepe the Gay Waiter, and the crowd was 100 percent behind them (those who are A.C. fans) when they covered Gloves of Metal (the old manowar hit) of which I got to sing several lines along with Seth, the second show I've ever been to where I was allowed to sing with the singer (Corrosion of Conformity being the first). The bouncer had a problem with the throwing of chairs and the obvious gay bashing going on, to which the lead singer replied "Hey, kick that gay freak's ass!" Quite a wild troop on stage; Seth is a total madman. Many people I talked with afterwards were saying what a great show A.C. put on, but others still were rather put off by Seth's antics. Two bands who are almost virtual unknowns down here got rather a mixed reception, but it's obvious that to this backwards ass town, there are still quite a few people who want to see a good show.

-- Steven G. Cannon Editor in Chief of Vibrations of Doom Magazine. Email address:

(article submitted 18/11/1996)

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