Corroding Your Cranium
Neurosis plays the Opera House in Toronto, August 31, 1996
with Bloodlet and Tree

by: Adam Wasylyk
As of late I have been going to live shows for bands I had heard little or nothing about. I first went to the Clutch/Orange 9MM/Fu Manchu/Core show when the tour rolled into Toronto. I knew of the bands but I didn't have an album of any of the three bands (as Core didn't play at this show). I was surprised that I enjoyed each band so much, especially Fu Manchu. For the Neurosis show, I had heard selected tracks of two of the bands' albums and had never heard of the third. I was looking forward to seeing and hearing some more new music.

A crowd of around 200 had came for the show, which began with Boston's Tree. The hesitant Toronto crowd stood and watched while they went into their hardcore set. The singer very much reminded me of Clutch's vocalist (even mannerism-wise), but I enjoyed this band a lot less than the aformentioned Clutch. Perhaps I have to hear more hardcore to know what's bad and what's good, but I didn't like this at all.

Following up were Florida's Bloodlet, which appeared to be the band most people came to see. A lot of people seem to be into Bloodlet's hardcore sound, but I can't seem to find out why. The band's vocal approach is definitely different from the hardcore pack, but they just plain irritated me. Frankly, I couldn't wait until they were off the stage.

Last up was the band whose live shows I had heard a lot about, Neurosis. I had heard before the show, and then saw for myself Neurosis' visual show, which consisted of film projectors and about six or so slide projectors. The images were intense but never obscene. The visual intensity went right along with the band's musical intensity, combining industrial and hardcore rather well. Older songs were combined with songs off their new album _Through Silver in Blood_, like "Purify", "Aeon", and my favorite song of the night, "Eye". To sum up their set, they were very noisy, very loud, and very intense!!!

Thank the gods Neurosis were on the bill, otherwise it would have been a total loss. I will continue to go to shows with me knowing little or nothing about the bands playing. Hmmmmmm, I hear that the Godflesh/Genitorturers tour is coming.

(article submitted 11/10/1996)

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