High Quality Metal, Low Quality Fans
Cryptopsy at The Embassy in London, Ontario
with Blood of Christ, August 31, 1996

by: Alain M. Gaudrault
Let me just start by saying that the poor turnout pretty much tainted what could have been a phenomenal evening, but was instead a complete letdown for both bands. With perhaps 50 people in attendance, the room was sparse, to say the least. London's (Ontario) Blood of Christ opened, performing quite well under the circumstances, and inciting me to later pick up a copy of their demo _Chapter III - The Lonely Flowers of Autumn_, reviewed in CoC issue 11. I highly recommend this tape; its combination of death, black, and doom metal is quite impressive for a band at the demo stage, and well-produced to boot! In any case, back to the concert. Aside from the vocalist who seemed genuinely into the material, the rest of the band pretty much looked like they were zoning out, likely bummed from the empty room. They still played well, showcasing their talent effectively despite their disappointment, the vocalist in particular showing good control over his delivery. A band to look out for if they can break out of the going-nowhere-fast southern Ontario metal scene. Maybe I should just move to Montreal.

Cryptopsy took the stage shortly after and proceeded in showing the scant few just how powerful their music can be in a live setting. Granted, the sound could have been better, but it was actually quite good, permitting one to easily identify the various instruments in the mix. Of particular note were the performances of Flo Mounier (drums) and Eric Langlois (bass), who have such an unmistakable mastery of their instruments that I was often unable to take my eyes off them. Lord Worm, with his witty banter and master of ceremonies style presentation, lightened the mood considerably, and delivered his vocals with ferocity and conviction. The band played a rather even distribution between both of their full-length releases, with a slight emphasis on their latest, _None So Vile_, a most worthy death/grind offering, I must add. Unfortunately, there would be no encores, and understandably so, I suppose. Nonetheless, Cryptopsy showed no compromise in their playing intensity as a result of the turnout. A great night for those fans who bothered showing up. Do make an effort to see them if they happen to come your way.

(article submitted 11/10/1996)

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