A Night of Negativity
Type O Negative at The Warehouse in Toronto, September 22, 1996
with Life of Agony and Manhole

by: Adrian Bromley
Like a scene from the depths of Hell, thick smoke and noises that conjured up images of Hell's evil spawn, Type O Negative took the stage to a thunderous applause at this, their first stopover in Canada with their latest release _October Rust_. Gigantic frontman/bassist Peter Steele emerged through the dense smoke amidst powerful guitar riffs and haunting organ notes to serenade the audience with his vengeful tales of lust and hate. It was something to see.

Along with guitarist Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver on organ/keyboards, and drummer Johnny Kelly, Steele commanded the nearly sell-out crowd with ear-crushing versions of such songs as "Kill All the White People", "Christian Woman", "Too Late: Frozen", and of course, the ever popular "Black No. 1". The band also showcased newer material off _OR_ like "Love You to Death", "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend", and covers of Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl" and The Doors "Light My Fire". The only problem with the show (ask Gino) was the somewhat muffled sound that The Warehouse sometimes provides band's music with. It happened with Type O and it was a shame as the band had a killer show with great songs and an amazing light show.

Opening the show were longtime friends of Type O, Brooklyn four-piece Life of Agony. The band played hard and had the crowd in a frenzy for most of their 40-minute set. LOA's sound was much clearer than Type O's at times, as singer Keith Caputo belted out such numbers as "Lost At 22", "Damned If I Do", "Seasons", as well as older favorites "Through and Through" and "This Time." LOA always rocks hard and plays with feeling. It was evident this night too.

Other openers included Los Angeles' Manhole, a hard-edged female-fronted outfit that stood their ground with stunning display of aggression and attitude. The band played some great material off their debut album _All Is Not Well_ (Noise Records). If you are into the band Crisis, I recommend checking this band out.

I was hyped to see this show and wasn't let down and I'm left wondering, "How many times will Type O play Toronto with _OR_?", seeing that the band played here four times with their breakthrough album, _Bloody Kisses_. Who cares? I'll be sure to check them out every time, as they always put on a spectacular show.

(article submitted 11/10/1996)

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