Caught in a Mosh With 'Thrax
Anthrax at RPM in Toronto, December 3, 1995 with Life of Agony and Deftones
by: Adrian Bromley
Having been three years since the restructured Anthrax crossed the Canadian border, many were at the show to see if Anthrax still had what it takes to carry the metal badge on their sleeves. If loudness, shredding guitars and a happening mosh pit is any indication, Anthrax hasn't lost any edge.

On tour in support of their latest album, _Stomp 442_ (second album with John Bush at the helm), Anthrax pulled no punches and steamrolled through an impressive 90-minute set that included new numbers like the killer 'Fueled' and 'Riding Shotgun', as well as classic 'thrax numbers such as 'I Am The Law', 'Got The Time', and 'Caught In A Mosh.' The band also included a substantial ammount of material from 1992's emotionally driven powerhouse effort, _Sound Of White Noise_ with 'Hy Pro Glo', 'Only', and 'Room For One More'.

After more than ten years of touring and recording, the loyalty of their fans is still there, and as long as the band keeps pumping out music in the same vein as their last two efforts, stuffing a 1,000-seat venue like RPM shouldn't be too hard. They may once again be able to sell out small amphitheatres.

Second on the bill was Brooklyn's Life Of Agony who delivered probably one of the most energetic sets of the evening and were impressive in showcasing material from their new album, _Ugly_. Instigated by their debut album's anthem-like number 'Through And Through' as opening number, the frenzied pit didn't let up until the quartet left the stage. The band shredded heavy with 'Lost At 22', 'River Runs Red', and the rugged crunch of 'Seasons'. Like Gino said to me (he was at the show too - of course!) during their set, "It ain't too hard to pick out the new material from the old." So what? Live is where a band sells themselves and after this performance, I was definitely sold.

Opening was Sacramento, California's Deftones - a strong quartet of musicians who rely on emotions to carry their music. No real message, just a feeling from the music - a vibe if you will. I had a chance to talk to the band (a possible CoC chat is in the works) and they really live and breathe their music. Cool shit. This band, very similar to Korn, is a must-see band live. Standouts included the unforgettable '7 Words', 'One Weak', and 'Roots'.

For both Gino and I, this was one of the best triple-bills we have seen in a while. No flash, just straight out hard music. A little bit of everything for everyone, and you know what? I didn't see anyone leave the venue complaining. Metal is still around thanks to Scott Ian and the boys.

(article submitted 13/12/1995)

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