Ignominious Incarceration need mummy to kiss it better.
Drummer falls on arse.
by: Daniel Cairns
This bit of news comes courtesy of Paul Williams, who got the e-mail from Earache Records. Statement is as follows...

"British metallers Ignominious Incarceration like to pulverise their fans with their breed of brutal yet melodic death metal, but on their recent tour, drummer Sam Bailey found himself on the receiving end of some brutality.

The young drummer was skateboarding when he had an epic bail, cracking his head open in the process, before being taken to hospital to have it stitched up.

Sam Bailey recalls what happened:

'I was super, super wasted. I'd been drinking too much vodka, went down a 10-foot ramp, fell down and blacked out. I woke up with a bleeding head and was rushed to hospital. That's pretty much all I remember!'

If you're not too squeamish, check out a video update from the band, which includes footage of the drummer's injury and subsequent hospital trip, at this location.

Ignominious Incarceration are currently making their way around the UK on the Masters of Metal tour with labelmates The Boy Will Drown, as well as Bleed From Within and The Argent Dawn."

'Epic bail?' That's the gnarliest way ever to describe someone falling arse over tit. Like totally braw. I was just like, you know, and he was like yah totally and then he was like ARGH MY FUCKING HEAD! BLOOD! BLOOOOOOD! MY BRAINS ARE ON THE FUCKING WHEELS! OH CALAMITY! EPIC BAAAAAIIIIIL!

Oh well. It's good to see he hasn't let his little boo boo put him off touring. Well done fella!

Chaps, if you ever see Ignominious Incarceration, bring some plasters and some sweets to make Sam feel all good and better and that. He's our brave little soldier.

He's grown up so fast. :'(

(article submitted 27/7/2009)

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