Burst's bubble, eh... bursts.
"Indefinite Hiatus". Yep. That again.
by: Daniel Cairns
Prog-metal band Burst have called it a day. For the foreseeable future at least. Some of us here at Chronicles of Chaos are pissed, as their last album _Lazarus Bird_ was deemed one of the best of 2008 by our cavalcade of miserable bastards. A link to their statement is here.

As someone who never really 'got' _Lazarus Bird_ (I listened to about three tracks, got bored and put on Leonard Cohen's _Greatest Hits_ instead for the millionth time), I'm somewhat nonplussed by the whole thing. It's never good when a decent band calls it a day, but it happens, folks. I remember the cripplingly horrible day that Rage Against the Machine split up. Of course, you grow up and realise that it doesn't matter, because they've been releasing the same fucking song again and again and again for like ten years, but when you are a stupid child you grasp to what you can, don't you? I'm talking about Rage Against the Machine, by the way. Not Burst.

Ah well, fuck it. It's only a prog metal band, and let's face facts, there'll be a million of the fuckers flying around in the wake of the new Mastodon album. Anyway it's not like Napalm Death have split up, is it? That would be a truly sad day. Man, I've listened to nothing but Napalm Death for the last week. If they aren't one of your favourite metal bands ever, you should probably think about giving up listening to metal altogether. You SPAZZ.

In other news, I'm utterly bamboozled by pornogrind music. It isn't what I thought it would be. I thought it'd be grindcore with lounge keyboards and wah wah pedals and saxophones and shit, but it's basically like Waking the Cadaver without the comedy value.

They should definitely form grind bands around other types of films though. Like Actiongrind, ChildrensFantasyAdventuregrind, RomanticComedygrind or ObscureEasternEuropeanArtFilmWhereEverythingLooksBleakAndHopelessGrind.

I have to go to work now. The world is a beachball made of cum. :(

(article submitted 27/7/2009)

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