Let the Bodies hit the floor (Water)!
Alexisonfire get a strange visitor during a video shoot.
by: Daniel Cairns
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know Alexisonfire aren't the sort of band we normally cover on the site, but shut up. Something REALLY metal happened to them during a video shoot.

According to Noisecreep.com, a dead body surfaced out of the water during a take, which is pretty awesome really. Full story here.

I don't know about you lot, but I find this story immensely entertaining. Obviously the poor cadaver won't be seeing the funny side (because, you know... he's fucking dead) but it's possibly the only time in their career I've found the band entertaining, as normally I can't listen to Alexisonfire without wanting to choke a bitch.

I feel pretty sorry for the band as well though, as it can't be nice having something like that happen. I mean Christ, I feel faint when I see a dead moth in a swimming pool, so imagine having some dead fella float up to you.

However, I also feel sorry for the dead guy, as of all the band shoots he could have invaded, he chooses a fucking Alexisonfire one. That guy went out listening to shitty pop punk. If he'd timed it better, he could have gone out to Kaledon or Reh Dogg or something equally awesome. The dumb bastard.

In other news, Amy Lee from Evanescence has a vagina like a Sarlacc pit.

(article submitted 28/7/2009)

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