Suffocation soar. Arkaea crap out.
Bloody good show for _Blood Oath_.
by: Daniel Cairns
Good news for bearded sociopaths everywhere. According to Blabbermouth, Suffocation's new CD _Blood Oath_ sold about three and a half thousand copies in its first week, debuting at 135 on the Billboard top 200. That's a pretty amazing show for a brutal death metal album, and rightly deserved, as _ Blook Oath_ is a monster of Susan Boyle proportions. Well done fellas!

Now in comparison, let's have a look at the sales for the Arkaea record. You know, the record that was very nearly the new Fear Factory album, featuring the members that no one basically gives an industrial strength shit about. It sold, errr... less than a thousand. Yep. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

That's pretty fucking shocking considering how big Fear Factory once were. Maybe they should have kicked up more of a fuss abou the fact that the increasingly gnarled Burton C Bell and leviathan Dino Cazares have nicked the name off them and joined up with two dudes from Strapping Young Lad.

Ah well.

If you're interested in hearing what a shitty new Fear Factory would have sounded like, _Years in the Darkness_ is floating about now, but if you stopped listening like everyone else after they released the fucking turd that was _Digimortal_, you'll know better and will go back to compulsively decapitating people in "Fallout 3". Which is what I'm doing. Fuck, man. That game is awesome, and better than any music release ever. FACT.

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(article submitted 22/7/2009)

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