Kerry King says new Slayer album is "awesome"
World is shocked.
by: Daniel Cairns
Resident Slayer slaphead Kerry King has been going off on one about the new Slayer album _World Painted Blood_.

He told Metal Hammer the following:

"I think our new album is awesome, and I wouldn't say that if I thought it was crappy. It sounds kind of retro. We didn't have five years to mull over the songs to make them too streamlined. In a period of six to eight weeks I came up with six songs, which is very old-school -- like cramming for an exam!"

Wow, a band bigging up their new album. That's never happened before. Having said that, this is Slayer, and even a shit Slayer album (hello _God Hates Us All_!) is better than a good Metallica album.

Also, the thought of Kerry King cramming for an exam is utterly hilarious to me. Imagine him panicking before an English Literature exam, wondering how to spell the word 'faggot' when he thinks about whatever musician he's having a feud with at that moment in time. 'Is it faggit? Is it fagat? Argh my tattooed brain...'

Original story here...

In other not at all obvious news, the drummer from Def Leppard only has one arm, Maynard James Keenan really likes wine and the singer from Linkin Park grew his first pubes the other day under surveillance.

(article submitted 17/7/2009)

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