Dying Fetus unveil new album tracklisting and artwork...
Redefines AWFUL
by: Daniel Cairns
Chaps. The artwork for the upcoming Dying Fetus record. Have you seen it? Well you should, because it's hilariously fucking awful.

Seriously, what was the artist thinking? It looks like the VHS cover for a mid-'90s Steve Guttenberg action movie. He'd obviously been smoking something bad for him. I mean, this is a brutal death metal band, not a video game. Obviously the guy has chucked back shitloads of speed, played far too much "Max Payne" and banged out the first thing he could think of. Why would he play "Max Payne" anyway? That game is older than my Grandmother and my Grandmother is dead. It would have looked cooler if he played a more modern game like "Gears of War" or something. Imagine the artwork then! An alien's head getting squished under a boot. That's brutal. Or he could have gone a bit arty and played something like "Braid", then it'd be all ethereal and interleckshul. Fuck it, why not just do something based on Sonic or Mario? Whatever it would be, it'd look better than the shitty front cover they've commissioned.

Anyway, apart from that it'll probably be the same Dying Fetus you all know and love. If you like that sort of thing.

Here's the tracklisting for _Descend Into Depravity_. It's out September 15th on Relapse.

1. Your Treachery Will Die With You
2. Shepherd's Commandment
3. Hopeless Insurrection
4. Conceived Into Enslavement
5. Atrocious by Nature
6. Descend Into Depravity
7. At What Expense
8. Ethos of Coercion

If you want a giggle you can view the whole sorry mess at the band's myspace page. It's at http://www.myspace.com/dyingfetus

(article submitted 17/7/2009)

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