Lion Splicer - _Slicer_
by: Dan Lake (3.5 out of 5)
Some sibling relationships are fraught with constant bickering, some with indifference, and some -- yes, just a few -- with awesomeness. Barely-born NYC band Lion Splicer arise from a collaboration of the latter variety. Formed in July 2011 by brothers Max and Danny Splice and assisted by friend Nathan Long, Lion Splicer have stomped out the ultra-raw _Slicer_ for anyone who'd love to throw back some throwback metal. The recording definitely doesn't cater to fans of modern extremity or slick production -- the lip-curling, garage-shaking, beer-chunk-spewing RAWK prevails over any contemporary notion of brutality. The abrasive results, though, kick a surprising amount of ass, as every single song positively wallows in character and each successive listen is more enjoyable than the last.

The difficulties inherent in approaching such a lo-fi, spiky album as _Slicer_ smooth out as the listener settles into the band's sound and songwriting choices. Max coughs up a sandpaper-dry vocal performance, not unlike Evil Chuck's approach to early Death material. At times, the bass is hard to point out, but when it peeks through the din, those parts are punchy and well-written. Danny's drums act as solid timekeeper for the dirty, fuzzed-out proceedings, and the guitar playing all over these seven tracks buries anything you'd expect from a recording this primitive. "The Gnome" includes a noisy found-sound insertion, and "Weft" features a trippy electro-bubble intro to its voiceless groove, but mostly untampered rock instrumentation rules the sound here. Penultimate track "Lockheart" busts out a couple gorgeous acoustic minutes before "Sector 7" rounds out the record in rollicking, Mastodon-mimicking splendor.

If monitor-kicking, bird-flipping jams are your thing, make sure you get out to see Lion Splicer's augmented lineup in a live setting. For now, _Slicer_ serves as an adequate entre into the band's repertoire, but we can hope that future presentations of Lion Splicer's songs will blast through headphones as powerfully as they've blasted out those poor microphones.


(article published 8/12/2011)

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