Solothus - _Ritual of the Horned Skull_
by: Dan Lake (4 out of 5)
Death/doom? Yes, please! From Finland? Hell yeah! There's your review, people. Either you've pledged the club and earned your monogrammed shroud or you haven't. Get sepulchral or fuck off.

If I needed to say more, I'd mention that Solothus deliver blood-crusted riffs that occasionally bloom into clean(ish) doomy melodies and flesh-flaying solos; that the drums pound a perfect pace around the various chugs, gallops, and crawls employed by these three sub-seven-minute songs; that the deep, back-of-the-mausoleum growls will rattle guts and mangle eardrums in accordance with that shuddering bass string that opens both "Throne of Bones" and "Embrace the Cold". Some might wish for a little more poetry (naming a song "Darkness Gathers Here at Night" is like saying "Sandwiches Gather Here at Lunchtime"), but complaints about band conceits pale in the face of such contagious energy and formidable songwriting.

So go throw this band some money. Give them the means to delve deeper into their own haunted abyss. Chances are they'll scare up some frighteningly familiar demons. Hail!


(article published 8/12/2011)

6/30/2013 D Lake 8 Solothus - Summoned From the Void
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