Logistic Slaughter - _Demo 2011_
by: Dan Lake (4 out of 5)
Modern recording technology has its detractors, but how can anybody hate on the precision with which a driven band can nail its chosen sound? Sure, digital advancements have made it easier for hack bands to celebrate sonics over substance, but one hopes that the average extreme music aficionado can recognize falseness through the glitz. Logistic Slaughter, despite having a name that sounds like the overthrow of UPS headquarters, peddle a muscle-bound brand of death-grind that likes to strut its melodic leads and rhythmic upsets between noisy, blinding blasts. Their 2011 demo sounds like the real deal, and flaunts chops that are equally brutal and engaging.

No recording sin offends worse than wasting a listener's time, and Logistic Slaughter certainly avoid that pitfall. Their entire war-chug-pocalypse wraps in just about ten minutes, making multiple tours both fun and efficient. Surprises lurk in none of those minutes, though a couple bass solo breaks and grueling slow-downs make for sweet ear candy. The gurgling that passes for vocals recalls Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation with a tracheotomy. Those vox could be better enunciated; "Innocence Proves Nothing" leaves me thinking that "Ovaltine! Ovaltine! Ovaltine!" seems a strange chant for a quartet of Californian grind warriors, but who am I to criticize a person's choice of liquid diet supplement? Higher pitched screeches also make an appearance, most notably on the 30-second seminar on unambiguity, "Fuck Your Scene Shit". From the artwork's hairy logo to its harsh reddish monochrome to the dejected gas mask dude at its center, everything about Logistic Slaughter's presentation says they'll see you in hell, and judging from their intensity on record, they'd rather take you there than meet up with you later.

Contact: http://logisticslaughter.bandcamp.com/

(article published 1/11/2011)

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