Deathchamber - _His Will Be Done_
by: St. John Satansson (4.5 out of 5)
Pink-eyed and hungover from last night's beer hunting, my stinky fingers blindly reach for the pile and come up with this. Halford be praised for the certainty of chance. This is the second demo I've snaffled up recently that has had a pleasant surprise lurking under stock presentation. An old-school, jaggedy metal logo sits atop a monochrome biblical scene; Satan is getting his ass condemned by angels again. Yanked roughly from the inside, the disk has that tried and tested silver and sharpie design. Goddammit, I almost binned this on sight, appropriately cast down for the crime of shoddiness. But I know too well the struggles of little bands with big hearts. Thank fuck I showed mercy.

This is good death metal. More than that, it's great death metal, and it has got me throwing shapes in my dressing gown. It's well produced, all warm, crunching guitar and cold, tight drums. Deathchamber are competent players and they boast an effective death vocalist, whose demonic roars echo Akerfeldt at his best. More importantly, Deathchamber understand what so many extreme bands seem to overlook: that the onslaught of riffage has to be going somewhere. There needs to be some progression for the listener, or there's no dark journey.

The first track, "His Will Be Done", serves as a prime example of this. The brutal blasts and churning tremolos alternate with a catchy riff that's half beatdown, half shred, when the music suddenly builds in suspense and then broadens out into an epic vista of keyboard soundscape, before plunging us down into classic, maelstromic lead solo. Fuck yeah. "Through Flesh Your Souls Will Be Saved" sees the relentless guitar work duel with offset drum patterns, and we are treated to a melodic bass motif for extra tonal texture, along with keyboard stabs and imperious orchestral commands in the closing. "Opposite" seems a more straightforward affair, thrashing along with a driving trad metal-ish refrain (death-ed up, of course) and large, monolithic vocals patterns, until an irresistible breakdown takes control of the song, pushing us into a labyrinth of groove until a tasteful solo shines out. Perhaps the thrashy, bottom string beating of closing track "Fallen From the Grace of God" doesn't grab me quite so much, although it's built around a tasty, cinematic, pounding refrain, and goes for all out brutality in a malevolent midsection.

So, in a nutshell, Deathchamber evoke Bloodbath's _The Fathomless Mastery_ reduced in a black cauldron and seasoned with pinches of Dimmu and Filth. It's great stuff, proper extreme metal that you can slam on at any time and get transported by. I just wish there was some more of it. Congratulations for kicking my ass, Deathchamber... now get back in the studio quick, you fuckers!


(article published 6/2/2011)

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