Everwhere - _Black Dawn_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
The most obvious difference between this and Everwhere's previous demo is the almost complete abrogation of clean vocals -- which were a consistently off-key nasal whine -- for a more generic but far more effective high-end thrashy shriek. This does not diminish their delivery of thrash rhythms, but enhances it, as the annoying singing is no longer the unnecessary distraction it was previously, and has the added benefit of complementing a more aggressive and in your face approach. They are clearly inspired by the American and not the cruder and filthier German thrash of the '80s, and the influence of all the significant acts can be heard, sometimes a bit too strongly. _Black Dawn_ remains mid-paced, but reaches the top end more often. The rhythms still tend towards the unexceptional and forgettable, but the solos show a creative and creative flair that is vastly underutilised, while the recording quality is stronger than it was previously. The best song is easily opener "Your Time Will Come", for its balance of aggressive thrash rhythms and melody, and of course, the guitar lead. For the reasons apparent in this review, this is not a band ready to break through in the top tier, but there are significant improvements and a subsequent demo will hopefully need be their last.

Contact: http://www.everwhere.se

(article published 2/4/2010)

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