Perverse Osmosis - _Swarm, Kobold, Swarm_
by: Paul Williams (1 out of 5)
Many bands have gimmicks. GWAR has the sci-fi outer space sex obsessed thing. Manowar has the true metal gimmick. Even HIM has that gay metal gimmick or what ever they call it these days. Perverse Osmosis has a gimmick. It's an organ, but not of the bodily kind.

_Swarm, Kobold, Swarm_ is crossover thrash that got hit by a bus of crazy yelling people, who decided that taking the poor pulp of thrash to the hospital to get put back together properly was stupid, and the best thing to do would be to keep it as a pet and nurse it back to health by playing deranged tunes on an organ.

So what happened to this thrash? Well, due to the fact that the crazy people -- although they had the best intentions -- had little idea how to actually put the thrash back together, it was doomed to a life of making a terrible racket with no real understanding of what it was trying to achieve.

Thankfully the songs are all around the one minute mark and there is only about fifteen minutes of material overall, which just seems to be way too long. Some people may appreciate this kind of laziness and lack of care for making music, and I'm sure the band enjoy the whole "creative" process of writing these songs, but I fail to see the appeal of it.


(article published 29/5/2009)

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