Paranoid Earthling - _Rock 'n' Roll Is My Anarchy_
by: Daniel Cairns (4 out of 5)
I don't know what they're putting in the water in Sri Lanka, but it's working. The first demo I reviewed on this site was by that country's Funeral in Heaven (I gave their frankly unpronounceable demo 3.5 and I underscored it drastically; I advise you check them out) and it's still the best demo I've received.

And now we have Paranoid Earthling. To put it bluntly, they're fucking ace, and a refreshing change from the usual European melodic smegma that we're normally forced to choke on in the demo dungeon.

Paranoid Earthling are a scuzzy balls-out exercise in getting it exactly right. They say they're grunge influenced, but I hear more Fu Manchu inspired stoner rock here. They have a unique way of going about it, what with having a singer who can actually, y'know... sing.

Aside from the slightly dubious (though still competent) Cobain-isms of the second track, it's plain sailing all the way. This is stuff to play loud when you're driving around in the scorching heat with the windows open (your reviewer would have done the same thing, had he not recently driven his car into an oncoming lorry). It's big, dumb fun, which is totally what the band was aiming for. When you add into consideration the raunchy, raw production, you have a near perfect demo package.

There's no reason this lot shouldn't get somewhere with this. It's a million times better and more fun than similar, more established acts, and catchy as hell to boot (the chorus from the first tune, "Rock 'n' Roll Is My Anarchy", is still buzzing around my head).

They're also lovely chaps, as they've seen fit to include an excellent sounding live bootleg with their demo for me! If only all bands were this considerate.


(article published 29/5/2009)

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