Sixkiller Zero - _Battle Royale_
by: Quentin Kalis (2.5 out of 5)
These four sons -- and one daughter -- of Ulster perform grooving thrash metal over the course of five tracks, and it is the woman who is responsible for the monstrous and heavy post-Pantera riffs. For a woman in a metal band to not warble, bang the keys or play some funny non-rock instrument is rare, rare enough to still warrant a mention. She stays away from the vocals, allowing one of her green blooded brethren to step up with a healthy roar, while the lucid production allows the heaviness to come to the fore. Only "Order Sixty Six" deviates from the groove metal template, filtering in some classic metal touches. A varied tempo would be welcome, but otherwise they have produced a solid, if rather generic demo; they have the sound down, now they need to brand it with their own voice.


(article published 29/5/2009)

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