Drear - _Promo 2007_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
This cassette demo from the enigmatic English duo of N and G consists of three suicidal black metal songs in the Xasthur vein, including a re-recording on a song from an earlier demo. Production is expectedly murky, almost as if this were an nth generation copy. Menacing rhythms overlaid with several ominous arpeggios sticking resolutely to a sluggish mid-tempo complete the picture of a band that has more to offer than the average. Some unusual guitar effects at the very beginning are more strongly aligned with the psychedelic than the funeral, but not out of step with what Drear aims to achieve, and is infinitely preferable to the usual feeble ambient meanderings. Overall, it will help to spread the Drear name -- and the association with Vrolok, who together with Great American Desert and Glorior Belli, are members of the Lux Ferous collective -- won't do any harm either.

Contact: http://www.luxferous.com

(article published 30/3/2009)

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