Weapon - _Vercingetorix_
by: Quentin Kalis (2 out of 5)
This is the second demo from the Portuguese one-man folk metal project, and consists of four songs. Two are acoustic interludes, which seem somewhat superfluous on a demo with only four songs, neither of which is overlong. The remaining two songs are instrumentals, but very basic, consisting of rudimentary bass and drums, with a lead guitar whining over it all. This is a demo in both the cruellest and most accurate sense of the word. None of the songs feel complete, and not just because they lack vocals; but because they feel like ideas for songs that have yet to be fully developed. For example, both "Pagan Wars" and "Vercingetorix" could be developed into a song with a less sparse approach and maybe even vocals. Plus the sound quality is poor; "Vercingetorix" and "Pagan Wars" sound as if they have been sourced from poorly ripped MP3s. The acoustic tracks fare much better, but if ever a demo was released before it was ready, this is it.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/weapon1143

(article published 26/12/2008)

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