Coffin - _Coffin_
by: Yulon Zhu (4 out of 5)
East coast thrashers Coffin are a new band of seasoned players from Crematory and the long defunct Belial and Faust. Formed in 2007, their mix of thrash's raw energy and guitar riffs combined with the low-tuned, thick sound of death metal brings to the scene something that's perfect for fans of both genres. _Coffin_ provides nothing new in terms of what's current, but despite living in the spirit of their old-school influences, these guys have crafted something that hasn't been heard before. If you think that clear production and long, instrumental passages are needed to whirl your brain like a blender, then you need to look elsewhere.

Pushing the "start" button is "Altar in Black". The lyrics are strongly glazed with death, blood and demons and are pretty easily detectable, something modern-styled extreme bands seemed to have grown out of. They are very '80s death metal, being a shout / scream rather than a growl. Morgue's voice is not hidden in the back and amplifies the fast flying drums and swirling sound the music creates. "Before the Cross" has a more death metal styled guitar and needs to be heard to understand just how headbang ready it is. Immolith and Roehr's guitars are insanely addicting in "Before the Cross" and follow the pattern of each song containing a memorable guitar beat. "The Burial Ground" and "Forsaken Angel" are both crisp and chugging as the bass and twin guitars work together to create a very solid production. Finisher "Witch" is about two and a half minutes long with more screech in the vocals and more venom in the music. A slower, lava pace versus a consuming flash fire approach, can really be heard here as this track contains both. The dark, raw and menacing air of _Coffin_ can be seen in the cover art by Morbid.

_Coffin_ is one of those releases that's only disappointing when you realize how short it is and guarantees repeat listens. These guys play old-school metal the way it was meant to be played; not trendy, pretty or polished. Coffin's hell-fire haul brings music straight from the depths of death / thrash tunnels full of chugs, booms and squeals and is sure to be a proud part of your collection.


(article published 13/12/2008)

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