Flaming Tusk - _Abagail_
by: Paul Williams (3.5 out of 5)
The debut EP _Abagail_ from NYC metal-heads Flaming Tusk seems to be a solid piece of music, incorporating, with ease, musical styles from a wide range of metal genres, from dashes of hardcore through to some gloomy doom. A particular stand out track is the closer song "26 Legions", a great show of all the influences the band have, in a single song, and just over nine minutes. All three of the other songs show some quality heavy metal. With great but not overdone production, the band delivers some catchy riffs; however, they don't seem to leave a comfort zone with the sound which they do achieve -- especially with the drums, which at times, although they suit the music, don't propel it to the next level and instead leave it a bit bland. The vocals also tend to be a bit on the weak side, lacking in volume and vigor. Except for those minor quips this is very well done, but I still think that this is down to sound quality; indeed there is more they could have done to set the bar a little higher.

Contact: http://www.flamingtusk.com

(article published 24/10/2008)

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