Absolute Fucking Chaos - _Demo_
by: Quentin Kalis (1 out of 5)
Absolute Fucking Chaos perform a mix of heavy and thrash metal with a distinct '80s slant, a dashing of Celtic Frost and a touch of punk -- the latter especially noticeable on "Anal Napalm Bomb". Songs are straightforward and simplistic, keeping well-within radio-friendly limits, so to speak. The recording quality is less than stellar, and the guitar tone is fuzzy rather than heavily distorted. The most irritating aspect is an intermittent "click" sound present on all songs that I assume is part of the percussion but cannot identify, which sounds most like a finger click, of all things. Overall, I have heard worse on a first demo, but their songs progress too predictably at this point to be interesteing.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/absolutefuckingchaos

(article published 22/8/2008)

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