Total Negation - _A Life Lead by Sorrow and Not by Myself_
by: Quentin Kalis (2.5 out of 5)
This is a three track demo of despairing black metal, predictably, yet aptly performed by just one man. A rhythm guitar provides the basis for slow and depressive leadwork, akin to the early work of Catacomb / Hierophant, albeit manifested within a blackened context, whilst the vocals just manage to stay on the right side of that extremely thin line that separates effective and emotive despairing screams from unintentional self-parody.

The production is unnecessarily raw, as if it were recorded on a subterranean dungeon, and needs work -- as do the lyrics, which consist too of tiresome and overwrought melodrama along the lines of "I'll be leaving soon / On the darkest day of winter / Into the emptiness / Of the blackest night."

All this will be the easy part to correct. The hard part, and one that few bands in this subgenre have mastered, is to create music that has an emotional impact, like being hit simultaneously in the throat, solar plexus and balls. If he can take care of this single aspect, the rest will self-correct.


(article published 13/7/2008)

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