One Out of Hell - _Promo 2007_
by: Quentin Kalis (3 out of 5)
This three track promo is not commercially available, but all three songs plus video are available for download from their website. The Slovene quartet have poached a member from 7th Angel, but unlike the latter's retro hi-jinks, this is a far more contemporary offering, performing groove laden metal with shades of Machine Head.

The production is above average, with some catchy hooks. The three songs are arranged in descending order of quality, starting strong with "One Out of Hell", maintaining some catchy hooks on "Spoils of War", and ending feebly with "F**k You". The groovy rhythm interjected with "Fuck You!" may be a fun encore to end any live gigs -- if they have performed any -- but is bad judgment for a band seriously attempting to establish themselves.

One out of Hell are not particularly bad, but neither are they particularly good, providing an entertaining but not essential listen.

[As a side note, they have included a video of the title track. It seems to have become a de facto requirement to record a video, no longer the prerogative of the big boys. With digital technology, all one needs is a reasonably powered PC, a digicam and a basement. I wonder how much this is linked to the rise of Youtube?]


(article published 13/7/2008)

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