Bleakwood - _Demo 2008_
by: Quentin Kalis (2 out of 5)
Bleakwood's raison d'ĂȘtre reads like so many other projects: another hate filled forest dwelling hermit releasing three tracks of dissonant, simply performed and poorly produced black metal. Do not be mistaken -- this is a great style and one of my favourites, but that does not imply that I would unquestionably accept any variation; rather my adoration means that I demand a higher standard.

Sole member D Nahum claims to be influenced by John Milton and William Blake rather than the conventional Satanism, and if this were the sole criterion, this would be above average. But I have to consider the music as well, and frankly, I do not have enough fingers to count all the albums I have heard in a similar vein... since Easter. I hate to admit it, but perhaps raw and underground black metal has become wholly saturated. D Nahum bravely promises a more technical and complex sophomore effort. If he delivers, that might be worth a listen. This isn't. Nice packaging though.


(article published 6/7/2008)

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