Final Redemption - _Vindicated Carnage_
by: Quentin Kalis (4.5 out of 5)
For all the flute diddlers across the pond, I sincerely doubt that the metal world is ready for banjo strumming, which evokes Deliverance rather than a rustic frontier spirit. Fortunately, that is limited to a brief intro and barely prepares the listener for the ensuing four tracks of pummelling death metal. An occasional melody floats up, but is quickly overwhelmed by the collective brutality of the drums, guitars and potent growls, brutal enough for squealing like a pig to seem like a pleasurable alternative.

In all likelihood, the demo can be downloaded from Myspace or some such. But why go that route -- they have designed a short, but effective booklet and inlay to accompany their demo. Music is like a girlfriend: what's important cannot be seen, but decent packaging is always preferable and adds to the aura of professionalism that infuses this release.

Final Redemption may sound like many of the other death metal projects festering in the American swamp, but they deliver such a dynamic and visceral take that is impossible to dismiss and one to watch in the coming year.


(article published 6/7/2008)

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