Regurgitorso - _Embrace the Lathe_
by: Quentin Kalis (1 out of 5)
All fifteen tracks last for exactly 59 seconds each. According to vocalist Frank Burnatra, "this reflects the uncompleted sense of humanity". It's hard to tell whether this idea is explored nay further through the impenetrable guttural growls.

Regurgitorso call Venezuela home, and I have no idea of the resources available to a band of this nature, but it's hard to accept that the shoddy recording quality is the best they could have accomplished, having a muddy sound that drowns out the guitar riffs. Nor is the production level consistent, with some songs sounding clearer than others, as if they were recorded at different times. For example, "Jam of Entrails" is comparatively listenable, albeit still raw, but the preceding number is a mess, combining cymbals far too high in the mix with muted guitars and distorted vocals that sound as if they are emanating from a cheap stereo at top volume. Some one time unconventional elements in grindcore such as techno dance passages are tossed into the mix, but add little to their sound. Those tracks with greater clarity suggest a band that could be an acceptable entrant to grind, but even those tracks will require cleaning up before this can happen and more work; humanity is not the only thing that is incomplete.


(article published 27/4/2008)

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