Hammer - _No Way Out_
by: Quentin Kalis (4 out of 5)
Apart from a much improved, but still deficient production, Italian trio Hammer have not altered from the course embarked upon with their 2006 demo _Ready Motherfucker_, and are still performing NWOBHM with a hefty dose of cock swaggering rock 'n' roll tossed into the mix and a dab of punk's DIY ethic. However, the improved recording has resulted in a punchier sound, as demonstrated in the re-recording of two earlier numbers, retaining their old-school lo-fi approach. The songs are brief, only once breaking through the four minute barrier, but these straightforward rockers were not designed for length! Essentially heavy rock 'n' roll with screechy vocals, this demo will attract both critics and fans but no fence sitters. Either you will love it or hate it. I don't really see Hammer expanding much beyond this motif, but they don't need to and I sincerely doubt they would want to.

Contact: http://www.hammerband.net

(article published 15/3/2008)

3/16/2007 Q Kalis 4 Hammer - Ready Motherfucker
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