Dark the Suns - _In Darkness Comes Beauty_
by: Jeremy Ulrey (3 out of 5)
Some confusion as to whether this was intended as a demo or full blown album release, but the Dark the Suns section on the Firebox website lists it as their second demo, so I'm going with that. Sound quality is definitely fit for a regular album release, although the music itself is nothing we haven't heard before. Dark the Suns trade in that goth-laced brand of darkly emotional extreme metal heavy on the keyboards. If you weren't already hip to the modus operandi of these groups, the album title pretty much gives it away: _In Darkness Comes Beauty_.

If only we hadn't been familiarized with the precepts long before. I don't know what it is about this style of metal that almost discourages innovation and rising above formulae, but once you get past the depressing unoriginality of it all, this isn't really all that bad. You've got the generic whisper-to-a-scream vocals with the plodding bass line laying the groove during the verses, with the guitars loudly announcing their arrival during the chorus, and of course the forlorn piano lending "beauty" to an otherwise "dark" song, this repeated one song after another -- but there are some decent melodies, most notably on "Sleeping Beauty" and "Alone". Elsewhere it's pretty much same old, same old, and truthfully -- I know they pride themselves on it -- but that piano has got to be the most monotonous thing about the whole album; it seems to be playing some minor variation on the same motif each and every song.

Contact: http://www.darkthesuns.com

(article published 14/1/2008)

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